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Choosing the Right Roof Color: 8 Key Factors to Consider

Your roof is your home’s crowning glory, and your roof’s color can significantly impact your home's general appearance and even its resale value (we’re talking “curb appeal”). So when you’re planning on having a new roof installed, color can be a big decision. The main things to consider are your home’s other exterior colors, your home’s architecture, and your home’s surroundings.

Amish Roofers makes having a new roof installed easy — we pride ourselves on our high-quality workmanship and our excellent service! And while this is one decision we can’t make entirely for you, we can make it a bit easier with a list of factors to consider when you’re choosing from one of our 20-plus color options for metal or shingle roofing.

1. Consider Your Home's Architecture

Certain architectural styles have traditional color schemes that can guide your decision. For instance, colonial-style homes may look best with classic colonial color schemes — which might mean white siding and a roof that’s dark gray, dark green, or black — while Victorian houses often have bolder color schemes. Simpler, more modern styles with fewer distinct architectural features can sometimes mean more options when it comes to color. 

2. Consider Your Home’s Environment 

Make sure your home doesn’t look out of place by taking your home’s surroundings into account. For instance, is your home surrounded by beautiful trees? Think of a color that will blend well with these natural colors, such as brown or black, or a color that will “pop,” such as bold red. (And make sure to keep an eye on tree litter so that it doesn’t accumulate on your roof and cause damage — get more tips on maintaining your roof in this blog post!

3. Consider Your Neighbors’ Homes

Of course, you want your home to stand out, but it’s also wise to make sure that your home doesn’t stick out — like a sore thumb. Choose a roof color that blends well with the colors of surrounding homes. Your neighbors will thank you, and you’ll thank yourself: a neighborhood that looks cohesive raises everyone’s property values. 

4. Consider Regulations and HOA Rules

Your homeowners’ association (HOA) or other local authorities may have restrictions on color choices, in order to maintain a uniform appearance. Make sure that your chosen color aligns with these guidelines.

5. Consider Longevity

Fads come and go — and that includes color. A flashy, trendy color might look stylish now, but neutral tones and classic colors are likelier to stand the test of time, ensuring that your home's exterior looks stylish for many years. 

6. Consider Different Lighting Conditions

Roof colors can look different in various lighting conditions. As with siding colors, you may want to get roof-material swatches and see how they look at various times of day and under various conditions. 

7. Consider Your Home’s Siding and Trim

Look at the colors of your home’s exterior — such as siding, shutters, and doors. Choose a roof color that complements these elements, rather than clashing with them. A cohesive color palette creates a harmonious, visually appealing look.The suggestions below are meant to help you start imagining possibilities — in the end, it’s your roof and you have to live under it and see it every day! 

  • White siding: Consider a black, brown, blue, gallery blue, gray, or charcoal roof. 

  • Blue siding: Consider a black, gray, slate, white, or ivory roof. 

  • Brown or tan siding: Consider an evergreen, hartford green, gallery blue, dark red, copper, or burgundy roof. 

  • Gray siding: Consider a black, blue, gallery blue, or green roof. 

  • Green siding: Consider a stone, clay, gray, black, tan, or brown roof.

8. Consult with Professionals

At Amish Roofers, we have many years’ experience and have seen just about every color combination you can imagine! We’d be happy to offer advice and guidance. Taking the time to do some research, consult with professionals, and look at swatches will help you choose a roof color that enhances the beauty and value of your home.


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