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Do You Have Proper Ventilation in Your Attic?

If you do not have proper ventilation in your attic it could put your new roof’s warranty at risk. Just as important, without the correct intake and exhaust vents in your attic, your roof won’t last as long as it should.

You want your roof to stay healthy for a long time. And that means a healthy attic, too. That’s why Eli does a thorough attic inspection when he comes out to discuss a new roof for your home.

Whether it’s a crawl space or a walkup attic, Eli will get up there and cover all the ins and outs that you need to know for a successful roof installation. His motto is “No surprises.” A thorough inspection is a must here at Amish Roofers.

Why Proper Attic Ventilation is Important for Your New Roof

Bad attic ventilation can lead to a lot of problems. Your attic must have the right airflow to avoid the following issues:

Moisture: Without the right ventilation, moisture can build up and cause mold to grow, which can damage your roof. And the negative health effects of mold are well known.

Heat: When it gets really hot in Southern Indiana, the temperature in your attic is hotter than the outside air. The right outtake vents can help move this trapped heat out of the attic, and also keep your house cooler.

Ice: And when it gets cold, a poorly vented attic can lead to ice build up on your roof. Ice can get under the shingles and cause leaks and structural damage.

Without proper ventilation, excessive heat and cold can make your shingles age a lot more quickly than they should.

Intake & Exhaust Vents

There are two types of vents that are important to your home; intake and exhaust (or outtake vents).

Intake vents are responsible for bringing fresh air into your attic. Intake vents are usually a part of overall home design, but Amish Roofers will check to ensure that your attic has sufficient intake vents to ensure a healthy air flow. If not, Eli will discuss your options to prevent future problems.

Exhaust vents are responsible for pushing air out of your attic. We will ensure -- and install -- exhaust vents so that they can keep your attic free of fumes, moisture, heat, cold and bad odors. There are a few areas where outtake vents can be installed, and Eli will calculate your requirements based on the size and layout of your attic.

We will also inspect your attic’s insulation and make sure it’s properly installed and doesn’t interfere with a new roof installation.

Attic Inspections for New Roof Installations in Southern Indiana

Eli will do a thorough attic inspection when he comes out to take a look at the current condition of your roof. As he likes to say, “The key to a long-lasting roof is proper attic ventilation.”

And after you get your new roof, yearly check ups for both your attic and your roof is a good idea, too. Clean your vents and remove debris!

If you’re looking for a new roof -- or a major repair -- for your home, Amish Roofers provides experienced roofing workmanship that can be trusted for years to come.

We serve customers up-and-down and across Southern Indiana. Chances are there is a roof in your neighborhood with our name on it. Give us a call or email us for a bid.

We look forward to talking with you soon!


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