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Five Questions to Ask Your Roofer

If you’re looking for the best roofer in Southern Indiana, there are a few questions you should ask during the bidding process and before you make a decision.

  • How fast can you do my roof

  • How much is a new roof

  • Are you insured and/or certified

  • Do you have warranties for your work

  • Is there financing available for a new roof

Whether you’re searching for a metal roof or shingle roof for your home or business, it’s important to find reliable workmanship and someone you can trust -- a professional who will assess your roof’s problems and present a fair and honest bid.

A roofer should be comfortable with any questions you may have, so don’t hesitate to have a conversation about issues that concern you. After all, you live here and it’s the roof over your head.

How Fast Can You Replace My Roof?

If you have a leaky roof, timing is pretty important. Indiana weather has four seasons and a couple are particularly harsh on your roof. No one ever expects a leak, but leaks frequently happen. So when you’ve got one, you want it fixed and fast.

When potential roofers come out to assess your roof and present bids, ask them how long it takes to get started, and how long it will take to finish the job.

Amish Roofers usually completes a new roof in one day.

How do we do this so quickly?

Because we only do roofs.

Our workmanship shines because we know roofs; it’s our expertise and focus. We start early and we might stay a bit late, but we get the job done in a day and we get it done right.

How Much is a New Roof?

Amish Roofers will answer this during our first meeting when we come out to look at your roof and make an evaluation. Maybe you’ll want a shingle roof. Or maybe you’ll want a metal roof. Or maybe your metal roof only needs a repair, and not a replacement. There are options that only you can choose (check out our many available colors for metal roofs!).

The good news is that Eli, Owner of Amish Roofers and GAF certified, will hand you a bid as soon as his evaluation is complete and he’s answered all your questions. There is no waiting around.

Are You Insured and Certified?

This is simple. Your roofer needs to be insured, bonded and certified. This is simply good business.

It ensures that your roofer stands by his workmanship and the products he uses. It ensures that he takes care of his crew and he’s got your back. It ensures that if anything goes wrong, it will be fixed. And most of all -- it ensures your peace of mind.

Eli at Amish Roofers is bonded, insured and GAF certified and has gone through extensive, professional training to obtain GAF certification.

Is the Roof Backed by a Warranty?

Many warranties by manufacturers are also tied into the insurance that your roofer carries, and his certifications.

Amish Roofers is certified through GAF and offers a GAF warranty that is included with the cost of your asphalt shingles.

And as a reputable, skilled business, Amish Roofers stands by all its installation work. Whether asphalt or metal, you get a 10-year Contractor Workmanship Warranty.

Do You Have Financing Available for a New Roof?

People often get financing for a new roof. We’ve been working with Service Finance Company, LLC for years and they are a nationally licensed finance company and an approved FHA Title I Lender.

Once you are approved SFC’s funds are quickly available, and this is done on the same day Eli comes out to evaluate your roof and give you a bid. You can begin your project right away. No one wants to wait with a leaky roof.

The Best Local Roofer in Southern Indiana

Whether you choose shingle or metal for your residential or commercial needs, Eli provides experienced roofing workmanship that can be trusted for decades to come.

Our local customers are from Indianapolis to Bloomington and on down to Mitchell, over to Jasonville and across to Columbus. Chances are we’ve built roofs in your neighborhood. Just ask Eli.

Give us a call or email us for a bid. As soon as we get off the roof, we’ll get back to you. Talk soon.


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