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How To Tell If You Need a New Roof

If you’re inspecting your roof because you’ve heard it’s a good idea (and it is), congratulations. You’re ahead of the game!

Here at Amish Roofers we encourage you to walk around your house and inspect your roof to catch problems before they cause more damage. If you notice a minor leak, a few cracked shingles, exposed nails, etc., you can certainly fix them yourself.

However, roofs do get old. And old roofs need to be replaced. The time to get a roof replaced by a professional is before damage occurs.

Check out the warning signs below. And if any of these issues look familiar, have Eli come out and give you a free inspection and a bid -- during the same visit -- for your new roof.

What Ruins a Roof in Southern Indiana?

Rain, heat, humidity, snow, and wind. These weather conditions will cause damage over time. And we’ve got all this weather in Southern Indiana.

The good news is that if you’ve got a relatively new roof and a great warranty -- you should be fine.

Yes, there are weather extremes like freak hurricanes and high winds that can cause unexpected damage. And when that happens you’ll want to get your roof fixed fast. Eli and his crew usually complete new roofs in one day.

But if you inspect your roof every two to three years you’ll always be a step ahead.

How Old is My Roof?

Many homeowners don’t know when their roof was built. They may have bought their house ten, 20 or 30 years ago and, at the time, the roof passed the house inspection. But that’s it. The roof could certainly be older.

(Here’s a tip: Are your neighbors replacing their roofs? Most likely the houses in your neighborhood were built around the same time. If they need a new roof perhaps you do, too.)

Some homeowners have no record on file, no warranty and they don’t know who put the roof on the house.You can call your property appraiser's office or check county records and request a copy of the permit. But this seems like an unnecessary hassle and it could lead nowhere.

If you’ve been in your house for quite some time and have never done an ounce of prevention or yearly inspections (most of us haven’t), it’s probably time for a new roof.

And if you know how old your roof is and warranty coverage is almost up, it’s still time to consider a new roof.

7 Warning Signs to Replace an Asphalt Roof

Leaks in your ceiling are usually easy to spot but it’s probably a good idea to use a pair of binoculars -- with two feet on the ground -- to check for the following warning signs.

  • Your roof sags (even a little)

  • Moss or mold or algae anywhere on the roof

  • Curling or buckling at the edges

  • Missing shingles or bald shingles

  • Flashing is missing around your vents, chimneys or skylights

  • Missing gutter guard that keeps rainwater away from the foundation

  • Shingles are discolored or simply look old

3 Common Signs Your Metal Roof Needs a Repair

Most of the warning signs for your metal roof are the same as for asphalts roofs above. Here are three more:

  • Is your metal roof rusty?

  • Do you see a wrinkle effect?

  • Are there loose panels?

Signs You May Not Notice of Roof Damage

Leaks are the major cause of roof damage so we’ll dive into a bit more detail here. When water gets into your roof, it causes structural damage and your roof can fail.

Leaks are not good, to put it mildly. Water spots on your ceiling and walls are a good indication, yes, but have you looked in your attic?

Access to some attics is not simply a matter of climbing a flight of stairs, but rather climbing through an awkward opening in the ceiling. There could be leaks, rot and mold up that you don’t notice in your day-to-day routine.

If you see the signs listed at the beginning of this article, chances are there are leaks in your attic, too. Getting these conditions repaired with a roof replacement is critical to stop further damage.

We will inspect your attic, too, along with your roof.

Amish Roofers: Building Roofs in Southern Indiana

Whether you choose shingle or metal for your residential or commercial needs, Eli and his crew provide experienced roofing workmanship that can be trusted for years to come.

We serve customers across Southern Indiana and chances are your neighbors or local businesses have roofs that have been installed by Amish Roofers.

Give us a call or email us for a bid. As soon as we get off the roof, we’ll get back to you.

Talk soon!


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